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We are one of the Top Wedding Photographers in medway and run a Mobile Family Photography Studio in medway too.

What makes us special you might ask? Why book us over anyone else?

Well, before you even ask these questions please have a good look though our photos, Wedding Photography in particular is very varied between photographers and your taste may LOVE our work, alternatively you may prefer something different every good photographer has a style and a way of working that you may fall in love with - or not. So we recommend really making sure you love our photos before you go any further as these photos will be the main way of remembering and reminiscing over what is the most important and defining day of your lives so you need to love our style If you do, fantastic if not, we're not offended everyone is different that is what makes the world so interesting!! 

SO you love our photos (we hope you do) - what now, what makes us extra special - there is probably a handful of photographers who's photos you like

Well firstly, our personal style is very easy going, we try to be part of the wedding, almost as a guest, interacting with people, we really love going to weddings it is so much fun being part of such a happy day and it constantly reminds us why we are married 

We are fully insured, use lots of professional Nikon equipment, not the stuff you can buy in Argos :-) Check out our reviews either here or on the company facebook page, our customers love us and further more most of our customers go on to promote our services to their friends and family without us even asking them to! It is so lovely when we go to weddings and see so many familiar faces 

Our style is a mix of Photo-Journalistic and Traditional Wedding Photography, We like to capture the day as it happens but also like to get some posed shots of you and your guests looking their best on your big day

It truly is so much fun to be at such a happy event that is a wedding, Capturing the emotions of the day really is a lot of fun - hard work - but fun it is our passion to create photos that we adore and if you like our style you will too

We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for most of our editing, most weddings require a day or so of editing after to make the photos just right, and that's included in the price. We keep our editing quite simple we don't go overboard with crazy presets or effects. stage one is to go through the usually 1k-2k photos and choose the best ones (we usually shoot 2 of all the important shots, more of the group shots) once we have this group we then correct the photos making sure the colors are just right and exposure is spot on. once we have this corrected group, we will create your final wedding group which contains mainly our favorite style which is a bit soft (good for the skin) low contrast, and warm it is difficult to explain as it has evolved over the years but we are not big fans of high contrast over saturated colors quite the opposite 

Please click on our Gallery to have a closer look at a selection of Photos from our recent shoots. We specialize in Top Wedding Photography in Medway

In the Family Photography Studio, We offer a range of services including Newborn Photography, Portrait Photography, Family Studio Sessions, Cake Smashes, Any Studio Photography you can imagine! 

Our blog is regularly updated with what were doing right now along with other useful infomation

Please click the photos to see some of our latest wedding albums

Top Wedding Photographer in Kent

Top Wedding Photographer in Medway

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