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Daniel my Son

Daniel my Son

Hi I'm Dean 

I live in Medway, Kent and have lived in Kent all my life

I have been into Photography for many years

Learning the ropes on film and then finally onto digital, the major jump to Professional photography was when the kids came along. I had never imagined how much joy it would bring me photographing people and all of a sudden it really hit me just how much I enjoyed it,  taking photos of the kids, family, and getting the emotion of the moment into a Photo that will last forever and it was then that I realized it was my true calling, I was still shooting analogue film then - at one point I shot over 30 rolls of film in a month - I realized a decent Digital SLR would SAVE me money!

Photography is now my passion along with my family and kids (they have to share) & I like nothing more than taking great photos that will last you a lifetime, Be it your wedding, or happy family photos of you and your children. Happy memories, moments that would easily be forgotten or unseen without photos that convey the emotion in that instant. It sounds silly but It really does make me immensely happy to be there during these happy moments and getting photos, and even the editing after - I love seeing the photo take shape in front of me on screen and then the happy reactions of people when they see them. It really is fantastic being one of the top wedding photographers in medway, and having a mobile family photography studio in medway

Another thing I love about photography is it combines my craving for not just great photos and interacting with people but the technical aspect of photography as well. Photography is both art and science in about equal measure - You not only have to see and envision the photograph, but you then have to get it onto a memory card or film the way you envision it, and then process it well to see it at its best. 

There is so much to talk about I don't want to bore you! but for recent information about what we're up to check out the Blog

If you would like more information please visit the Contact Us page and either drop me an email or give me a call - I would love to know what you would like or if you have any great inspirational ideas for a photoshoot

I would also love to meet up for coffee, and show you our print portfolio to meet and chat about your ideas 

I am really hoping soon to be able to shoot weddings on film again. A lot of my editing involves making digital photos look analog! I still shoot a lot of film for my personal work. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my 'Bio' 

Best Regards


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