Summer Special 2017 - Dean Osborne

Summer Special 

I'm running some special shoot days on the 3rd, 9th, 12th and 15th of August 2017

The shoot will be FREE & it will Include all images web sized edited in photoshop for free!

Full size images, Prints and Canvases can be purchased from your own private gallery for reasonable prices I'm not here to rip people off - I think this offers better value

They will be held in and around Medway. Slots are going fast especially the Saturday!

Thursday the 3rd August 17 will be at Shorne Woods Country Park

Wednesday the 9th August 17 will be at Capstone Park

Saturday the 12th August 17 will be at Shorne Woods Country Park

Tuesday the 15th August 17 will be at Capstone Park 

Parking is £2 per day during the week at Shorne during the week and £3 at weekends 

It is Camera operated so you can't really get away with it 

I think parking at Capstone Park is Free.. 

There will be backup locations in case of rain... 

Please contact me as soon as to book 

Hope you have a great summer 

Dean x

**Update** Please Checkout these links to the some of the Shoots on the 3rd of August

Kayleigh    Nikki    Tamsin

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