Summer Wedding at the Orangery Maidstone - Dean Osborne

Hollie & Dean's Summer Wedding at The Orangery, Turkey Mill, Maidstone 

The Orangery Maidstone is a fantastic wedding venue with grounds that are nothing short of stunning. They include an idyllic Gazebo for those wanting an Alfresco wedding ceremony like Hollie and Dean.

The Grounds also has a Lake and waterfall with a footbridge for some simply incredible locations for Photo's

Hollie and Dean chose to have me around all day! From Hollie's Bride Prep at her mums beautiful house, where I got some lovely photos of Hollie getting ready! 

I even managed to capture a photo of Hollie next to her tree!

They had the 'Alfresco Wedding' and the weather was beautiful just perfect for an outdoor wedding

And I managed to get some fantastic shots in the grounds of the Orangery. I'm sure you can tell I love working at the Orangery

This is on the foot bridge over the river through the grounds. This was shot on the walk back from the alfresco ceremony. (Possibly to grab a drink, I'm not saying anything!) 

A shot of the back of the Beauford as they drive off into the sunset 

(Well actually just a 10 minute spin before coming back to their guests :-)

These are part of the portrait session. This one was shot across the lake with a super long lens.

A Lovely reflection in the water - I love it I love it!!

Another shot that's part of the Portrait Session, This one looks better in portrait orientation but that dosen't work well on screen better in Print 

A wider version of the shot over the lake with some foliage and flowers in the foreground - I do love a good reflection in water :-)  

This is Hollie and Dean on the smaller foot bridge over the waterfall 

It was a beautiful day and I will really be looking forward to returning to The Orangery later this year. I can only Highly recommend the Venue 



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