A good wedding season! - Dean Osborne
Fiona and James Wedding Photos

Hi Everyone 

Sorry not really been posting anything like as much as I should have! Been extremely busy, weddings, Pre weddings and family life in general. Megan being 3 and Daniel being 2 they are a handful! 

Cloe my wife now works full time as well so the kids are at nursery which they LOVE! which is a bit of a godsend - as much as we don't like to ship them off!

Here are a few of our favorite images from some of our recent weddings / pre weddings / shoots with a little description about the how and why's 

It really has been a fun wedding season and next year looks to be even busier - which is great 

Please have a browse and comment it will be much appreciated

Thanks for your time 

Heidi and Mitchell Wedding Photos

This is from Heidi and Mitchell's wedding at Archbishops Palace Maidstone, this I promise is completely unplanned - I think Heidi thought it would be funny to sit down there and then Mitchell joined her. They are a lovely couple so clearly meant for each other it was a pleasure to photograph their day!

Please have a look through the full album here Heidi and Mitchell's Wedding

And the wedding venue Archbishops Palace Maidstone

Fiona and James Wedding Photos

This is at Fiona and James Wedding at Channels Estate in Chelmsford and is part of the bride and grooms private shoot 

I saw this and thought it would look lovely with a bit of flare from the sun softening the image. Another great couple we got to spend the day with! The venue was lovely the wedding itself was outdoors and the weather was beautiful - although that can create some challenges for the photos bright sun nasty shadows but fill flash did the trick when needed 

Have a look through there album here Fiona and James Wedding

Please have a look at the venue too Channels Estate

Lena and Stuart's wedding Photos

This is from Lena and Stuarts Wedding at St Peter and St Paul's Church in Charing Kent, (this photo actually at the reception after) We really love this - they are a beautiful couple which makes life very easy! This was actually shot in the shade with a HUGE 40" silver umbrella with a flash in it camera right to give this lovely soft light that Chantelle on of the bridesmaids held steady for me (we are shooting Chantelle and Toms wedding next year maybe I shouldn't have asked her to hold the light stand) It was a great day and we had a fantastic time shooting it

See their full album here Lena and Stuarts Wedding Album

See the Church's on google here St Peter and St Pauls

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