My Backup Routine - Dean Osborne

Dean Osborne Photography Backup Ritural

Photos I have taken are extremely valuable to me and my clients and I feel it is my duty to look after them - even if the worst happens

When on a smaller shoot photos get imported into the main computer as soon as I arrive home into Adobe Lightroom CC, For larger shoots and weddings I import them into my laptop throughout the day, so that I have 2 copies of the images before I leave the shoot

When I import the photos into Adobe Lightroom CC they go to 2 drives, my photo d drive and also it makes another copy to my c drive. This means I then have 3 or 4 copies of the original raw files 2 on my main desktop, 1 copy still on the card and another copy on my laptop if they were also imported there

Once they are all edited and I'm happy with them and the client is happy with the proofs I burn the client a DVD and also burn myself a copy of the DVD

On top of all the above I backup once a week to another internal drive and external drive that gets cycled and stored off site just in case! I feel that despite the extra work you cannot be too careful with your backup routine - especially before the client has received the images! My Adobe Lightroom CC catalog is stored on a solid state drive for a small speed improvement an this is also backed up to my other drives - not as critical but still important

To save space for my backup routine a lot of my older - and not 5* - images get converted to Adobe's relatively new Lossy DNG format that still retains the flexibility of a raw (higher dynamic range than jpg) but at a similar size to a jpg I think (hope) that keeps my photos safe for many years to come :-)

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